13.1 Miles – Here I Come!

12 miles seemed like an impossibility, and the hardest part of the whole run was about mile 5 or 6.  I may have the numbers wrong, but it was from the picnic benches to Sulphur Rock that was excruciating.  I didn’t think I would ever get to that stupid rock.  It is a big rock that can’t be missed, but at one point I thought I must have missed it.   I even considered turning around – but only for a moment. If I cheated myself I would have wondered if I could do the half marathon and the guilt would have driven me crazy.  It was a moment that I will tell my kids about – a fork in the path that determines who you are and what you are made of.  There are choices that we all have to make many times in life.  I knew I couldn’t live with myself if I quit, even though I really wanted it to be over.  It still shocks me how much of this is mental.  A friend recently said, “Everything in life is mental”.  I never really thought about it like that.  Believing in myself, losing weight, running past the point my body wants to, moving across the country and leaving everything I knew – all mental.  I am learning a lot of lessons about life and myself.  Probably a little later than everybody else, but what a blessing to learn them at all.

Somewhere between mile 8 and 9 I saw the trainer.  I asked him how much farther it was, and he said “a long way to go”.  I groaned.  He led me to believe that I had at least 5 more miles.  I filled up my water bottle and took off.  There was no way I could give up when I was at least 5 miles from my car.  I chuckle thinking about asking him to give me a ride back.  That would never happen!  A mile or so later he was there to give me pretzels and tell me I was a mile and a half away.  What?  I thought he said 5 miles.  He said he was trying to psych me up for the rest of the run.  Now I am psyched, it is almost over.  The end is in sight.  May have been the best run of my life.  12 miles done.  13.1 miles – a definite possibility!

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