Food Hubs Help You Chow Locally

Nadia Madias

Wouldn’t it be great if we all lived in a perfect climate where we could grow our own produce and eat right out of our backyard, without ever having to worry about the agricultural methods of farming?

This may not be possible, but after doing some research I found that there is another option – the food hub.  A food hub is a dynamic market that assists farmers by collaborating with the community and providing buyers an array of different local products including produce, dairy, and honey. In addition to consuming local produce and supporting farmers, these hubs are typically centrally located within cities, with the added option of making purchases online. Once the items are purchased a distribution site is provided where products can be picked up. This unique way of purchasing food can provide community connectivity and may even help you reduce on waste, since you are more involved in the process of your food supply.

One food hub website is Chow Locally.  This website is not only innovative in its design, but it also offers healthy recipes that are prepared by a team of chefs and dietitians, with each week’s items.  This virtual marketplace gives customers the farmers’ top-tier selections with a variety of sustainable, organic or naturally grown produce. I encourage you to look into the options that are available in your cities, and get involved in your community by purchasing local produce and food products.






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  1. I had no idea Food Hubs existed before I read this article. Thanks for the info and for turning me on to Chow Locally!

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